Interested in Improving Patient Engagement?

As followers of WellAI, you know us as innovators in the AI health-tech arena, but did you know that we have developed a “Smart” patient engagement solution for medical practices and hospitals?

The pandemic increased the speed of digital transformation. Just because the pandemic has receded, doesn’t mean digital transformation ends. In fact, more patients of all ages are increasingly dependent on mobile phones, children/elderly caregivers benefit from real-time engagement with care providers, and patients are growing impatient with inefficiencies  ranging from long hold times to longer waits to see care providers. Back end solutions like Portals are static, hard to customize, and clunky. Digital Front Doors are “in front”, configurable, user friendly and can extend off of portals with added services and benefits for patients and their caregivers.

WellAI, in partnership with SimpleCode, an internationally recognized developer of custom medical practice solutions, is offering a “Smart” AI driven Digital Front Door solution. Digital Front Doors are simple solutions that tie together many patient focused services and integrate them into one HIPAA compliant mobile application. Services typically include:

  • Patient Intake Forms (Digital)
  • Virtual Care Platform/Telehealth
  • Digital Health Triage Assistant driven by the WellAI Self Learning AI Engine
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Real-Time Communication with Physician or Practitioner
  • Bill Pay
  • EMR/Portal Integration
  • Clinic News


With a click – patients can self triage, connect to a practitioner and chat, spin up a virtual care/telehealth session,  schedule an appointment with a diagnostic report attached and even pay a bill. Plus, the solution integrates with a variety of EMR/EHR solutions.


With our mobile app the pressure is taken off of the front desk and scheduling, patient visits are time compressed with smart triage, and engagement is deeper and more productive. Not to mention the increase in patient satisfaction.

We can add or build services as needed. Let’s set up an initial call and see how we can bring digital services to your practice.


Rachel Schneider

Sales/Marketing Director – WellAI Solutions

Piscataway, NJ 08854


Direct: 732-593-8260


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