WellAI for Medical Providers

WellAI for Medical Providers enables medical practices/clinics to drive efficiency in light of staffing issues, create priority targeted health communication, and enable higher quality care. WellAI resolves issues related to the increased need for at-home care, overwhelmed front desks, and with thorough diagnostics ensures nurses never skip a critical question and presents physicians with alternative ways to think about a patient’s condition.


The Solution

WellAI’s turnkey  platform consists of a Patient Application and Physician Application that can run on any device or is browser-based.  It includes configurable features such as:

  1. Triage/Diagnostic solution: More than 500 health conditions are diagnosed with 83%+ accuracy including common and pediatric conditions, rare disease and current conditions like COVID-19.
  2. Bi-Directional Messaging: Text/messaging with the nurse, physician(s), or care team. A diagnostic report can be sent to the practitioner instantly for discussion/diagnosis.
  3. Telehealth scheduling and connectivity: With a button push the patient is connected to a telehealth service or one is initiated – the diagnostic report kicks off a more intelligently engaged session.
  4. Appointment Scheduler: Patients connect to the scheduling system and have automated scheduling ability.
  5. News/Informational Feed: Newsfeed of relevant health and clinic/facility information for the patient.
  6. Automated Medical Transcription: Automated compiling of patient notes where post-diagnosis treatment options are suggested with the doctors concluding notes input. The entire visit info is compiled into a PDF and attached or written to the EHR system.
  7. Autocall for Prescription Refills: With a click of a button the pharmacy will be contacted and refills
  8. Other Services: Customizable to accommodate what medical practitioners and their patients need.


All of this functionality is packaged in one point/click intuitive Patient/Physician application, plus it is customizable and is white-labeled for the organization. It integrates with many EMR systems (EPIC, Cerner, NextGen, etc), for some functions it will read-write to the system.


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