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Take Control Of Your Health Today:

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WellAi Wizard App

Step 1

Enter your medical history and receive science-based suggestions on improving your health every day

Health Empowerment Community

Step 1

Join WellAI community to discuss your WellAI app suggestions and science behind them with fellow health-seekers and medical experts


Step 1

Take control of your own health by watching expert led webinars on different medical topics twice a week

Membership Levels:


WellAI Wizard basic report

Access to basic community forums 

(no questions for medical experts)

Access to webinar recordings



Everything in Silver+

WellAI Wizard advanced report with daily suggestions on improving your health

Weekly updates on new medical studies to improve your health

Live webinars with ability to ask questions

Access to community forum with medical expert

$19/month (BEST VALUE)


Everything in Gold+

Weekly personal note from a medical expert tailored to your health

Featured questions on live webinars

Ability to vote on webinar topics

Monthly call with a team of medical experts


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Learn about potential health problems NOW and start prevention
by using the WellAI app


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