10 Lessons from 30 Recent Digital Health Failures. Some May Surprise You.

We’ve spent years scrutinizing the digital health and AI health sectors. This journey has been an enlightening one, filled with valuable insights. However, it has also been both shocking and alarming to witness a myriad of digital health failures. We’ve meticulously examined the 30 most recent digital health failures, treating each one as an individual case study. Rather than detailing each failure separately, we have focused on uncovering common themes that led to these failures. More importantly, we aim to provide solutions and a strategic plan to overcome these challenges.

By understanding these lessons, we can contribute to rebuilding trust and credibility in digital health and AI enterprises within the medical community. Despite initial hype, these 30 digital health enterprises faltered and eventually failed.

Learning from these failures is vital if we are to restore the industry’s reputation and rebuild the faith that clinicians and patients once had in AI, machine learning, and technology in the healthcare sector… Continue reading this article on Medium…

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