Do not confuse “sexy” AI with its practical solution

Recently, our biz dev/marketing manager reached out to a major healthcare organization to discuss WellAI and the many different use cases it provides. One of the major objections she encountered was the response: “We haven’t figured out our AI strategy”.


We haven’t figured out our AI strategy? AI is merely the technological underpinning to a healthcare solution or any solution for that matter. In our case, WellAI is an exceptionally accurate and advanced diagnostic tool – one that can help identify more than 500 health conditions including COVID-19 and enable triage completion in less than 2 minutes.


The AI enables WellAI to perform with greater accuracy, greater validity, and instills higher confidence in results, it is the engine that drives the solution – a solution that can impact healthcare in a myriad of ways.


It doesn’t matter whether there is an AI strategy figured out or not. The overarching question is – is there a need to improve patient diagnostics as mapped to levels of care, reduce pressure and overwork of staff, create a better pandemic response, reduce triage time, etc.?  We are sure the answer is yes – not just for that health system, but for many other healthcare organizations.


Do not confuse “sexy” AI with the practical solution it supports. It isn’t about the AI – it is about the problem the AI-infused solution resolves.


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