Best of 2021…

2021 had its share of ups and downs.  WellAI was no exception.  But with every down, our team’s hard work ensured there was a bigger up.  We’d like to share some of these ups with you…





WellAI’s CEO is voted top Dallas doctor 29th year in a row

All of us at WellAI are very proud of Dr. Culpepper and are honored to be part of his vision.  He has been a leader in digital health technology!  Visionaries like Dr. Culpepper who are not afraid to break barriers and go outside of their comfort zone are the ones who care about improving health and saving the lives of their patients the most.





WellAI wins the “Most Innovative Use of AI” award

We are happy to tell you that WellAI won the “Most Innovative Use of AI” award at a recent Healthcare Analytics Summit (HAS’21).  Brilliant presentation, Sergei and Daniel!  Well done!





WellAI releases consumer health app Doc In A Pock

We are excited to tell you that WellAI’s new world-class consumer health app Doc In A Pock is up and running! Give it a free test drive!  Talk to our voice guide (think Siri or Alexa, but for health) 24/7 as if you are talking to a doctor.  Get a second scientific medical opinion.  Drill down to specific medical articles to see for yourself where WellAI’s answers came from – we are transparent!





WellAI scientists contribute to fighting COVID-19

With the EU is set to ban American tourists from traveling to Europe because of the new wave of the pandemic, COVID research remains topical, 17 months after WellAI scientists invented a new analytical tool to fight COVID-19. At an annual IFCC conference, WellAI data scientists Sergei and Daniel talk about the “secret sauce” and describe the innovative ideas and research that went into the development of this tool.  We are sharing this video for the first time.





WellAI releases a dermatology app

In the past 5 years, there have been tremendous developments in the field of artificial intelligence called computer vision. Due to quickly growing pixel resolution on smartphones and photo cameras, computer vision in dermatology has become at par or better than even experienced dermatologists, in identifying melanomas.



Have a Happy and Healthy 2022!

Doc In A PockDoc In A Pock

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