WellAI Black Friday Sale!

For 24 hours only we are offering the Doc In A Pock interactive voice guided (a ala ‘Health Alexa’) digital health app for only $39.99 per year (ordinarily $4.99 per month).  This price is locked and guaranteed for the life of your subscription, no matter how many improvements and new features we shall be offering in the years to come.


Doc In A Pock (powered by WellAI) is the only AI engine powered by intimate knowledge of over 30 million medical studies (and counting) offered directly to consumer.


Offer ends at 12:01pm Pacific Time on Saturday, November 27, 2021.


Email support@wellai.health to claim and lock this low price, or schedule a free zoom demo with WellAI’s team at https://calendly.com/well-ai-health/30min.




Stay healthy!  Stay knowledgeable about your health.


Thank you!

WellAI Team

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