Promo on WellAI Educational Sessions to Learn How WellAI Does Science

Genomic data generates almost 100 quintillion (10^20) bytes per day.  Daniel Satchkov, WellAI’s machine learning lead, and I are working on some of these data as members of IFCC’s Artificial Intelligence and Genomic Diagnostics International Working Group (WG-AIGD).

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A Holiday Gift to Your Employees That Won’t Bankrupt You

As companies are getting close to the end of their open enrollment period, they are thinking at least about two things:

2020 has been unbelievably tough on my employees. How do I boost their morale?  How do I make my employees happy?
2020 has been tough for my company financially. How do I make my employees happy without breaking a buck?  Is there still a way to squeeze some savings out of health costs?

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How would you save with WellAI’s chronic disease management?

This is part 4 of the series on the WellAI’s health cost savings calculator for CEOs, CFOs and heads of HR.  Today we will very briefly explain how cost savings from HRA ((Health Risk Assessment), wellness plans and chronic disease management programs for companies of various sizes are calculated. 

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