The Madoff of Digital Health: How Lies and the SEC’s Code of Silence Killed Babylon and Cost Investors $1.5 Billion

Babylon Health was valued at $4.2 billion on its IPO debut at the New York Stock Exchange on October 21, 2021. Less than two years later, Babylon’s total assets are estimated at $35.2 million (£28.4 million), while its liabilities total more than $378.4 million (£305.3 million). Even this asset value may be inflated, as the recent Babylon’s ‘GP at Hand’ fire sale showed. What was once valued at approximately $50 million was sold to eMed for $620,000. Babylon Health experienced one of the fastest IPO collapses in stock market history. It took only 19 months, from its IPO in October 2021 to its bankruptcy filing in May 2023. There have only been three companies that folded faster than Babylon Health… Continue reading this article on Medium…

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