First Blockchain in Primary Care

One of WellAI’s founders was trying to change his PCP a few weeks ago.  He was finally fed up that he was treated by his old PCP as a number.  He needed to manually fill out an Authorization to Release of Health Information form and bring it to the office of his new PCP.  Then it took weeks for the new PCP to finally get his medical records.


What if there was a way to share your medical records with your doctor and then later revoke that access with a click of a button?  After all, this is your medical data.  No doctor, no hospital, no EHR owns your medical data.


At WellAI, we are working on the first Blockchain for Primary Care.  Fortunately, we have some of the original blockchain mathematicians on our team.  (And no, neither of them is Satoshi Nakamoto. 😊)


We want to protect patients’ data.  We believe blockchain is the best platform to accomplish that.


Blockchain is a permission mechanism that empowers patients.  Patients can share their highly encrypted medical data with their doctor by sending permission key to the doctor, so the doctor can access the patient’s medical records or only certain parts of patients’ medical records.  Just as easily, the patient can revoke that permission key.


In our ongoing educational series, Daniel Satchkov, head of machine learning at WellAI, explains how WellAI’s blockchain works.


We are at the very beginning of understanding applications of mathematics and data science in medicine and other fields of life!


Stay healthy!  Stay knowledgeable about your health.


WellAI Team

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