Catastrophic Health Costs Are Coming


In this video, Daniel Satchkov, co-founder of WellAI, explains the catastrophic health costs that many employers will be facing a few years from now.  These costs are looming because many people are in a constant state of anxiety over the pandemic news, and many are afraid to visit their doctor at this time.  The pandemic will go away.  But this anxiety may stay with us for years to come.  Daniel shows how WellAI technology can help mitigate this problem, while providing peace of mind to patients, saving time for doctors and ultimately helping businesses thrive by lowing their health costs.

We would like to encourage you to get the app for the holidays. The basic version is FREE for a limited time. The full version is super cheap.  Plus, once you get a full version, your parents can use it for free. They are the ones who may need this health technology the most.  If you are an employer, get the app for your employees. Raise the company morale. Make your employees happier and healthier. Check out


Here is WellAI’s Voice-Guided Digital Health Assistant offers:

  • Basic App: FREE (for a limited time) on App Store and Google Store.
  • Full App for Employers and Doctors (with an elaborate symptom checker, automated chronic disease management, and data-driven Telehealth 2.0).
  • Employees can share the Full App with their parents for FREE.

The basic version of WellAI app is now available for free on your smartphone.  To learn more and/or to get a full version of the app, please use the following links to schedule a 1-on-1 demo:

  • If you are an employer and would like a cool benefit that makes your employees healthier and happier, and saves 34% to 45% on your healthcare costs, please schedule a virtual meeting here.
  • If you are a potential investor who would like to be part of a unique once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity that will forever revolutionize healthcare, please schedule a virtual meeting here.
  • If you are a potential customer, a patient or you are just curious about any of the WellAI high tech products – a Voice-Guided Digital Health Assistant, data-driven Telehealth 2.0, or the scientific chronic disease management program – please schedule a virtual meeting here.


Get the WellAI App for the Holidays!
Take this step toward your health.
Protect your family, especially your parents and grandparents.

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