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WellAI Scientists Present Their COVID-19 Machine Learning Tool at the Global IFCC Conference

Everyone contributes to solving and eliminating the COVID19 pandemic differently.

Doctors, nurses, other frontline workers, vaccine developers are the obvious heroes.

What about medical researchers? A great number of medical researchers from many fields of medicine, not just infectious disease experts, have been working hard to make sure we understand how COVID and other coronaviruses develop and how they affect human body, and what the possible side effects and consequences are. This knowledge will help us be better prepared for the next pandemic, should it ever happen.

On April 7, 2020, shortly after the COVID outbreak, WellAI researchers made their contribution to this line of medical research by releasing the COVID-19 Machine Learning Tool for Medical Researchers available for free at It’s the only tool that reads and summarizes coronavirus-related peer-reviewed research from all 69 UMLS medical categories. By using synonyms and correlated concepts, WellAI has built a database of 4,224,512 medical concepts, 60,892 of which are used specially for COVID research.

Daniel Satchkov and I will present our research based on this tool titled “Comprehending Hundreds of Thousands of COVID-19 Studies using Mathematical Models of Language and AI” at the global IFCC conference on Monday, February 15, 2021 at the session titled “Emerging Tools in Fighting COVID-19” at around 10am EST. Here is the agenda:

At WellAI, we develop thorough peer-reviewed research, which is the backbone of all our products.

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Sergei Polevikov

WellAI Team